Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duke Lacrosse: At Least They've Got Their Health...

Today, there is joy in Durham for the flower of white male youth has been preserved! The NY Post-er has even revealed the name of the unfortunate and apparently criminal young woman who seemingly made false charges against the bright white upstanding young men of the Duke University lacrosse team. Now, never do two wrong anythings ever equal a right, and as sure as the evidence points to the shameful actions of this sister, certainly the entire matter could and would have been avoided had these young men of means not deigned to hire the two young Black women for the unauthorized and unsupervised party!

But be that as it may, the point of this message is to consider the number of lynchings that took place throughout the history of this country because a white woman wrongfully accused a black male, teens and children included (witness Emmett Till! As a youth, I remember my grandfather telling me of relations between Blacks and whites in the South, and what stood out was his emphasis on the fact that white men would regularly "cross the tracks" to enter the "colored" neighborhoods to play cards and baseball, to drink and hang out, and even to fight! That's right, fight! They were indeed like men everywhere who during competitive events when testosterone was flowing freely would have disagreements that would lead to knockdown, dragout fights that many times a white man would get his behind whipped and then go or be taken home with nothing more than the embarrassment of his lumps. However, and this has been thoroughly documented by the likes of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, as soon as there was an accusation by any white female, no matter how untrustworthy, whorish or disrepectable she might be, then the real trouble began. The mobs/klan made up of the same white men who earlier had been hangin' out, now went on killing sprees. (witness Rosewood So, again I say that no one should suffer injustice at the hands of false accusations and for that we should all be grateful for due process for the Duke lacrosse players but I wonder if at any time during their ordeal, did they or their families even once consider what it must have been like for the Emmett Tills, Sam Carters, Lexie Gordons, Mingo Williams', James Carriers and countless others who faced the same charges with much more dire consequences. Like I said, "At least they've got their health..."

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