Thursday, April 19, 2007

Am I Missing Something...

Has the USA lost its collective mind? george w bush has and continues to commit such grievous wrongs against both the world and this country that I'm simply at a loss to understand why there isn't more being done by those in the electorate who are charged with establishing the rule of law. The list of criminal actions and morally bereft activities done by this administration and therefore laid at the foot of this very obviously least learned, and unwise, of our modern presidents (i.e. 20th century) has become too long to easily recollect. Just try it, and I'm guessing your hair will begin to hurt before you can name them all. Some have actually almost faded into seemingly distant memory. Remember Hurricane Katrina and his attempts to suspend the Davis Bacon Act that permitted construction workers to receive the prevailing labor union rates following a natural disaster? By the way, that rate was a whopping $9/hr. And what about the implications of his declaration that the law concerning the FISA Court provision for obtaining wiretaps i.e. a special court set up to grant the govt wide-ranging authority to obtain warrants for wiretaps, didn't apply to him? Or maybe you remember his suspension of many provisions of the Geneva Convention governing the treatment of wartime prisoners and specifically prohibiting the use torture against them? Yep, that's right, okaying torture against non-white "enemy combatants" while of course even the idea of torture against the British sailors detained by Iran was totally discounted by both the USA and Britain. Are your follicles tingling yet?
So what am I missing that we aren't holding our elected representatives' collective feet to the fire and demanding that they do more than simply posture for the camera or posit empty gestures and rhetoric like the recently completed "non-binding resolution". Why isn't impeachment on the table, and not only on the table but the centerpiece of conversation around the actions of a responsible electorate? Especially, when even the right wing press can't bring themselves to fudge his approval rate at any more than 38%! Don't believe it? Check it out for your self

... and get back to me so that maybe you can help me see what I'm missing...

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